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  1. Wired electrical 'issue'

    This morning, I try to start my 99 and when I turn the key, nothing. Figuring dead battery, I jump start it, get ready to go, turn on the lights and it kills the engine dead. Sitting there in the dark I hear a sound from the engine compartment that stops when I turn the key switch off. Kind of like a small motor is running. Before this morning,no symptoms of any kind. Any ideas?
  2. WTB: OEM Windblocker

  3. FS: 17x8 konig rims.. SOLD

  4. Fog Lights

    Some dark drives and questionable road conditions led me to believe that I should put fog lights on my Christmas list. Looking around, there where a few lights that looked like they wouldn't look to trashy. I put Navigator NV-534 lights on my Christmas list, and they showed up under the tree.

    I used a 2-inch aluminum bracket to mount them where the "baby teeth"/tie down hooks used to be.

    Most of the ...
  5. Fan Change

    The driver-side fan on the Miata died. Somehow, over time, the fan assembly warped to allow the blade to get stuck against the housing, and the fan blade ended up unsalvageable. The metal hub of the fan separated from the plastic fan blade, the plastic part of the blade fell off, and the motor drove the metal part to eat the plastic part of fan. I discovered this on Sunday evening - I have no idea how long it had been that way, as the car never indicated that it was running warm.

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