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  1. The story thus far....................

    I guess I should start by saying that I was never a sports car guy, always a motorcycle nut (or donorcycle according to my RN aunt). I bought my first bike at 15 with money I earned mowing a grave yard and returning pop bottles for the 3 cent deposit. It was a 1967 Wards Riverside 125 and was my first true love and stayed with me until I joined the Army. With my new found financial success I bought a brand new Kawasaki KZ400 then a Yamaha XS1100 then Kawasaki Mach 1 triple (back to 2 stroke) which ...
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  2. AWwMiata Cooling Design Question/Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamahaman444 View Post
    I had read about the 50/50 not cutting it and since I drained and refilled the radiator with distilled water, I have not had an issue.

    I just wanted someone to chime in and confirm that OEM can handle this ridiculous heat

    At least I didn't start an oil thread
    I have Oem and 50/50 for normal DD duties and NEVER get above normal operating temperatures while using the A/C all summer long .