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  1. AWwMiata Cooling Design Question/Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamahaman444 View Post
    I had read about the 50/50 not cutting it and since I drained and refilled the radiator with distilled water, I have not had an issue.

    I just wanted someone to chime in and confirm that OEM can handle this ridiculous heat

    At least I didn't start an oil thread
    I have Oem and 50/50 for normal DD duties and NEVER get above normal operating temperatures while using the A/C all summer long .

  2. FS parts from 96 miata

    Quote Originally Posted by lostlorin View Post
    $150 2 rear Koni yellows used one month
    $75 UNK brand performance cat
    $100 RB hollow front sway bar SOLD
    $60 RB rear sway SOLD
    $150 5 speed transmission Sale Pending
    $300 4 Konei Racing T1 4x100x7 wheels with Dunlop 205 50 R15 DZ101 with 4/32 tread.
  3. Na top hats

    Where can I find na top hats is there a whole set up with the top hats and decent coils ( decent price ) or do I Have To find them individually
  4. Do you like pomegranates?

  5. 1.8 motor swap, MSPNP, JR header, test pipe,

    Motor, subframe, and MSPNP pending but cash talks louder than a maybe
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