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  1. Water Pump, Round III

    Last year, I bought an eBay timing belt kit. Started one day, had the car running the next night. A few months later, the eBay water pump failed, and having the old pump still on hand (anticipating the eBay failure possibility), I swapped it back, (took six hours,) and the old pump started making noises last month, and started leaking a few days ago. Today, I did the third water pump change since I've owned the car. It took me about five hours to do it today, so I guess I am getting better ...
  2. Radiator Cooling Fan Recondition

    I’ve decided to add “unusual” maintenance items to my blog. Hopefully, this will give people inspiration to try things that most people would bypass in the name of convenience or because they haven’t tried the procedure before. This link refers to the original conversation about it on the forums:

    We did this over a year ago, and I’ll be honest at this point and tell you that my ...
  3. Fat Cat Motorsports Spec Miata NB shock mount kit

    FCM's instructions:

    This kit is for NA Miatas with Bilstein or Koni shocks and 2.5" springs installed. I bought my kit from Fat Cat Motorsports but you can also get them from Mazdaspeed now.

    The kit I ordered included 4 new NB top hats.
    The instructions are self explanatory. The only tips I can add is to rough up the surface of the spring adapters with sandpaper to help the glue stick. I ...

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  4. Console Trunk Release Temporary Disable Modification (Trunk Lock Mod)

    This one came from the Pointy board, but originally from a gent named Rod Roller from the Central Alabama Miata Society.


    Well, I have joined the ranks of the trunk lock modders. The mod works perfectly. It'll be nice to know the stuff in my trunk (when I put anything in there) is secure from potential break in.

    The procedure is simple enough, and all you have to do is grind away a small tab ...

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  5. Bosch H4 conversion kit

    Wow! A blog. Guess I'll test it out by posting about my mods and allow others to possibly enjoy what I have to say.

    Bosch H4 conversion kit:

    I'll start by talking about my headlight upgrade. Back in Feb. '10, the Flyin' Miata guys offered up a group buy on some H4 headlights that they found over in Europe. The price they were offering was pretty darned good - $50 for a pair with bulbs. ...

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