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  1. Fat Cat Motorsports Spec Miata NB shock mount kit

    FCM's instructions: http://fatcatmotorsports.com/FCM_MT_...ns_2_14_10.pdf

    This kit is for NA Miatas with Bilstein or Koni shocks and 2.5" springs installed. I bought my kit from Fat Cat Motorsports but you can also get them from Mazdaspeed now.

    The kit I ordered included 4 new NB top hats.
    The instructions are self explanatory. The only tips I can add is to rough up the surface of the spring adapters with sandpaper to help the glue stick. I ...

    Updated 04-20-2010 at 07:00 PM by creek

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  2. The saga part II

    A few random notes about the Ground Control install.

    1. I did not like how the "Adapter" allowed the top of the spring to move laterally on the top mount. At full compression it moves so far out of line that the shock body can hit the spring. Gary at TDR said to use the stock full length bumpstops to prevent the motion and retain the adapter. At full extension the adapter can become unsupported by the spring and move off the spring seat. The instruction sheet (laughable ...
  3. The saga continues................

    Stop reading now. This is just a lot of prattle about shocks and crap.

    My Miata is a '94 R pack. It came with Bilstein shocks, standard rate front springs and rear springs 4 pounds heavier than standard. The front sway bar is 1 mm larger and the rear is 1 mm smaller. These are the only differences between the R pack and the base model suspensions.

    When I got the car the ride was very harsh and the front end pogoed over every bump. I discovered that the front shocks ...
  4. The story thus far....................

    I guess I should start by saying that I was never a sports car guy, always a motorcycle nut (or donorcycle according to my RN aunt). I bought my first bike at 15 with money I earned mowing a grave yard and returning pop bottles for the 3 cent deposit. It was a 1967 Wards Riverside 125 and was my first true love and stayed with me until I joined the Army. With my new found financial success I bought a brand new Kawasaki KZ400 then a Yamaha XS1100 then Kawasaki Mach 1 triple (back to 2 stroke) which ...
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