Fog Lights

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Some dark drives and questionable road conditions led me to believe that I should put fog lights on my Christmas list. Looking around, there where a few lights that looked like they wouldn't look to trashy. I put Navigator NV-534 lights on my Christmas list, and they showed up under the tree.

I used a 2-inch aluminum bracket to mount them where the "baby teeth"/tie down hooks used to be.

Most of the wiring for the switch was already in the car. I added a $5 relay, and used the remaining existing wiring. This ensures that the fog lights automatically turn off if the high-beams are on. In this picture, the green wire goes to the lights.

Now that they are aimed, they make a noticeable difference. The beam is wide, illuminating the sides of the road well, as well as a few car lengths ahead. I haven't seen pea-soup-thick fog since the install, but the lights did help during the times we did have fog.

A picture of the car with the lights installed is here. The looks may not be to everyone's taste, but the additional lighting helps.
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  1. Jon-92 miata's Avatar
    Nice I'm thinking about putting some on my 92 but not to sure I havnt had any trouble with the wheather conditions yet.
  2. ktrjones12's Avatar
    I am also trying to put up a pro comp tires on my '00 miata but I don't have any idea where to get those. Any idea where to get it?