Fat Cat Motorsports Spec Miata NB shock mount kit

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FCM's instructions:

This kit is for NA Miatas with Bilstein or Koni shocks and 2.5" springs installed. I bought my kit from Fat Cat Motorsports but you can also get them from Mazdaspeed now.

The kit I ordered included 4 new NB top hats.
The instructions are self explanatory. The only tips I can add is to rough up the surface of the spring adapters with sandpaper to help the glue stick. I used contact cement because I'm not patient enough to wait for gorilla glue to set.

With the NA tophats and OEM bumpstops the car was on the front bumps at 11.75 inches from the center of the hub to the front fender lip. With the NB kit installed the car is on the bumps at 10.75 inches. With the GC springs I have you will gain 1" of travel from whatever ride height you choose within reason.

The rear setup was more impressive gaining more than an inch. The fat cat progressive bumpstops give a less noticeable transition onto the stops and greatly increase the ride quality. can have more suspension travel at the ride height you have now or you can lower the car without losing travel.

I was happy with the amount of suspension travel I had with the Ground Control springs set at 13" all around but the car sat too high for my taste. I now have the car at 12" front and 12.5" rear and have GAINED suspension travel and eased the transition onto the stops.

The car now has springs two and a half times stiffer than stock and rides a hell of a lot lower yet the ride quality and handling are both improved. Shaikh has done it again.
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Updated 04-20-2010 at 07:00 PM by creek

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  1. Piff's Avatar
    Hey Creek, at what point (in inches) were you into the fender liners? And did you need to do anything special to use them, or did the NA shocks bolt right up to the top hats?

  2. creek's Avatar
    No modifications to the shocks were required. The fender liners are at 10.4 inches with my wheel and tire combo. Everything needed is included in the kit.
  3. patrickculverton's Avatar
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