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Why is everybody hating on me?

Try reading your post after you type and BEFORE you hit submit. If you have no idea what you just read, DON'T bother submitting it. If you see any spelling or grammatical errors, fix them BEFORE you submit. If you don't know what spelling and grammar are, go buy a Honda.

What happened to my poll?

The moderators were offended, repulsed or indifferent in regards to your poll. Therefore, they invalidated the results. If you don't like it, start your own Miata club.

I used to be a moderator, but now I when I log on, I can only read the OTM Tech & Chat forum.

Hmmm... You must have moderated one of TC's posts. Big mistake.

Why are there so damn many Hondas here? Isn't this a Miata forum?

Actually, it's a Miata ENTHUSIAST forum. Even though the Miata is a perfect car, as created by God herself, not all of us actually own one. This may be due to more pressing needs (a trunk), emotional problems (need a V8), complete insanity (wankel, anyone?) or other problems (small penis). Owners and lovers of ALL cars are welcome here. We only ask that you not drink and post. Folks who post illiterate babble will be teased mercilessly until they cry for their mommies. And we don't usually stop there.

Why are the moderators hating on me?

Possibly because you are this guy. Actually, our moderators are fairly easy going folks. Checking the old logs, our moderators have edited a total of almost 120 posts in the last 6 months. Most were probably their own. If you're feeling like you're being treated unfairly feel free to PM one of the heartless bastards (or are they just cheap...) that run this joint. Tailchaser is probably your best bet unless you think he's got an axe to grind with you... and probably even then.

I have a windshield. Should I be worried?

Unless Titus is nearby, your windshield should be safe. If you see Titus, make sure he keeps his thumbs in his pockets, or you may soon find yourself buying a new windshield.

My post has disappeared. Should I eat poop?

The moderators around here don't know their burrow from a burro (that's ass from a hole in the ground for you college kids). Chances are, the disappearance of your post was the result of incompetent moderation. If you feel really bad about it, we suggest posting it again. If it's really offensive (and you expected someone would delete it), be sure to post it 5 or 7 times in various sections of the forum to see if the moderators will blow a gasket. I hear that can be pretty amusing.

Why do so many people say "F U Titus"?

If you don't already know, you obviously haven't met the guy... But seriously, don't invite him to an autocross unless you LIKE driving in the rain.

It burns when I pee.

Your momma told you to be careful where you put that thing, now didn't she?

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