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Thread: Just placed an order for these...

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    Default Just placed an order for these...

    99 Miata Black

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    91 Miata (#3), Rattle Can Grey(previous owner), Greddy Turbo @7 PSI and Manifold (Only items remaining from the kit), TDR I/C, Godspeed Radiator, RM DP, 2.5 Enthuza Bipes, BEGI AFPR, ACT, Lightened Stock Flywheel, Yellow Konis, FCM on Stock Springs, HDM2S, MOMO Wheel, Ratsback Front CF Lip, Black Rota's on EcstaXS, Corrado Rotors & XP8's on Front w/ 1.8 rears.

    Wishlist: Megasquirt to run 12-13 PSI, White non-spray paint job, 8" 6UL's, RX7 LSD, Evans Waterless Coolant

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    Not my cup of tea!

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    Meh, to each his own. Seems like they'd be heavy and degrade ride/handling/performance.
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    seems like the jury is out on the real weight of these wheels, the last set of Falkens I had were quite light and these are supposed to be between 17-20lbs. I will post the real weight when I get them.
    I like them,and now they are disco'd so I figured I would jump on the set while I can still get them.
    99 Miata Black

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    Reminds me of the Rota PDC a bit....which I believe is a knock off of some Work wheel or another. I am not a fan of wheels that have caps over the hub to hide the lugs. But these aren't too bad.

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    I kinda like the lug cover but not too keen on the polished lip. But it was the closed thing i found to what i wanted at a reasonable price, and I figured I could change the lip if I really wanted to bad enough.
    They will likely sit in storage for a few months anyhow til I can figure out if I am going to replace the tires at the same time.
    I have about 8K on the OEM Michelin Precedas and they are driving me nuts, I am stepping away from the TPMS too.
    99 Miata Black

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    They'll look good with the black on your car. Eager to find out the real weight of the rim.

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    Sure thing, i will weigh them before they are mounted...but they are disco'd so you probably can't find the ones you were looking for earlier in 08
    I'm curious too, as ER was always right on the last items I bought.
    99 Miata Black

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