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Thread: BMW Race and DE, March 28 & 29?

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    Default BMW Race and DE, March 28 & 29?

    Is anyone going? Just curious. I will be there instructing. Looking forward to the race both days. Enduro (1hr) on Sunday around lunch time.

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    I will be there instructing too.

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    Sweet!! What car are you bringing? Does it have two seats? Can I take a ride?

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    More info on this "Enduro", please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OZMDD View Post
    More info on this "Enduro", please?

    Here is the link. The Enduro will start at 12:25 and last for about an hour. It will include spec Boxster and other classes as well.

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    Man, if MSR wasn't ninety million miles from the house, I'd come out tomorrow to watch the enduro.

    You guys have fun this weekend! Stay warm!

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