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Thread: How To Fight Toll Fine?

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    Default How To Fight Toll Fine?

    Anyone has experience or know how to fight the fine for not paying toll? Got a notice from NTTA of a fine of $300 for 12 occasions from all the way back 2 years ago that I failed to pay tool . I always have the toll tag on the car and use the toll road pretty regularly. They also has my credit card and bill me regularly. I am sure this 12 incidents have to be related to the toll machine not reading the tag properly. And this is less than 1% of all the occasions that I use the toll roads over this period of time.

    You think I can talk my way out of the fine by talking to them nicely or ....

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    Just give them a call and explain the situation. We have had to call them before.
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    Just argue your point nicely and tell them you'll threaten to cancel your account. They will take away all the $25 fines per incident and just make you pay the actual tolls on each one of those 12 for like 10 bucks total etc.
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    Tell them the Toll Roads have been paid for and you think they should be free.

    I know someone who has had a -$.30 balance for almost 5 years and they still keep sending him statements every quarter or so. Calculate in the price of postage and it's a pretty laughable situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miatamaniac92 View Post
    Calculate in the price of postage and it's a pretty laughable situation.


    Yep, I got a $0.12 refund from the IRS.
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    I got a 15˘ refund check from chase after I closed my credit card acount with them after they lowered my limit and raised my interest. I'm not what they consider a "good" credit card customer. I don't carry balances if i can avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ataim View Post
    Yep, I got a $0.12 refund from the IRS.
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    If you have a toll tag on the car and had it at the time of the incedents, then you should be able to take care of it with one phone call. Its pretty easy for them to cross check the tag with your account.

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    And if you don't have a toll tag then just get one and they'll remove the penalties.

    When we got rid of the Jeep and bought the truck I just slapped the toll tag in there since they wouldn't transfer it until we got the real plates. I forgot to transfer it and 3 months later I got a bill for over $700.

    It was a quick visit to their office and a transfer of the tag to the truck and we paid about $25 in tolls instead.

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    I had a $1500 bill with fines and after I turned the story over to Channel 5, they called me and said I only owed $30 or whatever for all the times the toll tag didn't work. I have a big problem with extortion on a contracted public service. I'd love to know if any federal money is utilized by the state or county for the contract so I could report Federal Acquisition Regulation violations and get the NTTA booted from my life because the fine system is non-compliant with the regulation.
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