So you are thinking about "taking the plunge" and giving Autocross (a.k.a. Solo II) a try. But you don't know anything about it, and you'd like to read up on what to expect before showing up at an event. Heck, nobody wants to look foolish, so you are looking for some info. Well, have I got some links for you!

We have two very informative sources of information on getting starting in Autocross:
  • - The Solo Novice II Handbook by Kate Hughes makes for some good reading. It won't tell you how to drive faster, but it will give you a good idea of what to expect at your first event.

    - An article by our very own Tailchaser will give you some great information on Autocrossing, with specifics about Autocrossing in our area (DFW).
Read that Handbook and Tailchaser's article, make sure your car is in good/proper working order, find out when and where the next event is being held, and come out to play. When you arrive, just look for the gaggle of Miatas somewhere in the parking lot... come on over, park your car and say "howdy". Your fellow DFW area Miata Pilots are a very friendly bunch, and we'd enjoy "showing you the ropes".

And welcome to the addiction!