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Thread: is it just me or what?

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    Default is it just me or what?

    but any computer i am on it takes forever to log on and go to different threads and stuff and just making sure im not the only one caue i know it not the computers :P

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    working fine here.

    what browser and ISP are you using? If you're still using IE, I recommend you check out google chrome -->

    Faster, safer, etc.

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    I have tried using firefox and IE but at the 3 comps i use still runs slow sadly

    I think that the sites mad at me for not posting for about a year or so :P

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    clear your internet temp files.
    M3 is always the answer.

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    Run AdAware or Spybot and do a virus check. I'd bet you have some sort of malware bogging it down. You may have a virus.

    *Edit: just read it's on multiple computers, check them all if they're on the same network . It runs slow here but that's all the filters they run here at work. At home and on my cellphone it's fine.
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    My home pc and laptop on same network but both (with internet files and cookies cleaned) still run this site slow it sjust this one lol and the work computer is same (bank of america i would assume has good virus and spy and ad ware protection lol)

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    yep and even tried different operating sytems and still same result could there be soemthing with my account? becuase i also have this essage saying that i can only post one message every 30000 seconds...

    even had to wait an hr for this post cause i posted earlier today

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    haha... seriously?!?!


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    yea i mean could there be something wrong with my account? cuase i can navagate thru this site just fine when i am not logged in lol

    The following errors occurred with your submission:
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      lol SUX

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    Maybe you should check out this.

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    ok well now it decides to speed up :P

    ty for the help whatever someone did haha

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    Ugh it went back to being slow again lol

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    I guess we can close this thread, I believe the problem has been resolved.

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