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Thread: WTB: Factory 15" wheels

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    Default WTB: Factory 15" wheels

    Anyone have an extra set of 15x6" alloy wheels they want to get rid of? Cosmetics not an issue... I'd prefer them ugly and cheap. There's a joke there about preferences like that but I'm not goin' there.

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    How is the car? Did it overheat on the way home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammm View Post
    How is the car? Did it overheat on the way home?
    Made it home w/o incident. I put a new thermostat in & haven't had any other issues. Thanks for your help on Saturday!

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    15" polished 2000model wheels with 70% yokohama es100 tires for nice shape.
    Mazda-Nissan Heaven-Offering Mazda,Nissan,Infinit,Kia, and Hyundai parts.
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