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Thread: factory 14x6 na wheels with new tires mounted

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    Default factory 14x6 na wheels with new tires mounted

    tires are a high treadwear and only have a thousand or so miles on them, wheels are 14x6 factory na wheels

    reason for selling is cause i need money lol.

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    Probably need to state the tire brand/model/size, and snap a picture or two if you are going to have much luck selling. Also, a price and location are needed. Good luck!
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    tires are worthless to me and lots of others...but might be what someone is looking ya put info up.
    and the wheels usually sell for $75-150 a set...150 being hollow spokes and 75 being solid spokes with scratches.

    so expect to get about $100-200 at the most for these
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    they are hollow spoke and need to go with the tires.

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    What brand, model and size are the tires?
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    What part of the world are you located in? Or, will you deliver the tires and wheels? Is the first space clockwise from the valve stem blank or does it have 45 there?

    And, again as apex2apex ask, what brand, model and size are the tires?

    Also, photographs would help.
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