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Thread: Dyno Day Anyone?

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    I am confirmed, and a friend of mine with a GLI.

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    Would love to bring the half bridge and MSM out if we can get another day set up count me in for two.
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    Count me in for 1 maybe 2

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    hmmmmm, I need a baseline on my daily since I'm about to add MS3x to it and get 35mpg and 130wtq. lolol

    Will they give me a deal if I want to bring both cars? I'd like to see what the green car does at 18psi instead of this measly 245whp crap.
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    90 Turbo


    Anychance of getting one of these going for feb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90 Turbo View Post
    Anychance of getting one of these going for feb?
    I don't know. Can you get one setup? I'm in if you do.
    M3 is always the answer.

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    I can ask LG and see if they want to host one if we get a big turnout again.
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    Start a new thread...I'm confused.

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