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    Default WTB: NA alternator

    My alt is trashed, with all my money going to other things at the moment I can't even afford to drop $120 on a reman'd unit - especially on a car I rarely drive and i'm trying to sell the engine out of. If any of you guys have a spare sitting around that works better than almost not at all, I am willing to buy. Prefer to meet you in the Fort Worth area if possible, near a Vatozone that can test it for me (not that I don't trust you, but buyer beware).

    if you can help me out, please email goat monster man (at) g mail (dot) com, no spaces.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    You might call Mazda-Nissan Heaven to see if they have any
    1990 White NA - SOLD
    1994 Black NA - SOLD
    2006 Red NC - GT with limited slip, HIDs, all OEM.

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