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    Default Looking for help with web development ...

    Any of you guys savvy with website development, namely SEO stuff? I could really use some help with a website of mine. If you can give a solid referral let me know. I feel better about reaching out to a group of people with similar interests instead of rolling the dice on something like craigslist.

    thanks in advance

    (and btw...I'm still looking for a set of NB tophats!)

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    Tom Burnett in Bedford takes care of several of my buddies websites and we have been in preliminary talks with him on doing some e-commerce work on my company website Send me a PM and I'll shoot you his number.

    But SEO stuff isn't reallyl that tricky. I use Google Analytic ( that was recommended to me by our very own Tailchaser. It is a great and free way to monitor your website traffic.

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    Thanks for the info - I'll shoot you a PM

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