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Thread: Race-designed front hubs $160/both.NEW.Spec Miata

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    Default Race-designed front hubs $160/both.NEW.Spec Miata

    Hubs for 99-05 NB Miata. Paid 320 for the pair, never put them on still unopened in original packaging.
    Spec Miata guys run these for their incredible long-lasting durability, and quiet operation. Do your own research, I provided a link to the builder in Austin TX.

    I'll take half of what I have in them--$160. I can ship these easily for $10 USPS if you are not local to North Dallas/McKinney

    No longer have an NB so clearing out some autocross stuff I no longer need. Watch for more posts.


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    (That was fast!)

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    one question before it gets locked, what is the purpose of this part?
    Horsepower sells cars, Torque wins races - Carroll Shelby
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