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Thread: Abu Dhabi was a blast.

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    Default Abu Dhabi was a blast.

    Finally got back late last night.
    We went cart racing at Al Forsan. They have a 1.3km cart track that is a miniture formula 1 track. It was awsome. The link below is as some of the guys I was with who did a second heat. You will want to save it as it is a large file.

    We walked to track at the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit. They have a racing school there where you can drive a F1 car, the covered wheel race car or a race bread Aston Martin. I just did not have the extra $$$ to cover the cost or I would have done that too.

    Finally on last Friday I was able to get some time off to hit Ferrari World for the world's fastest roller coaster. 0-150+MPH in 5 seconds. Then you go up the first hill. It was a blast and worth the cost of admission. I also took pics of all the cars they had sitting around.

    Put my pics up just a few minutes ago.

    Ignore the pics of my coworkers and the ugly fat guy (me).

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    Cool pics! That plane looks more comfortable than my living room.
    93' LE #1136 - FM II
    250k miles

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    One of the pleasures of flying for work. If it is over 6 hours they have to fly us business class.

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    Did you learn any of the Arabic cuss words while you were there? lol

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