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Thread: If it's spring, it must be Tulip Time (Rally)

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    Default If it's spring, it must be Tulip Time (Rally)

    This winter has been hard across the country, even causing us to postpone a rally for the first time in years. So we are ready for images of spring, like tulips in bloom. Rallies can have "tulip instructions", so....we will use this method of defining the course again, just like we did last year.

    The other difference between the Tulip Time Rally and the others we will present this year is rally timing: you are going to be timed to the second for parts of the rally. But this is easy: all you need is a watch with a second hand. We ask you to drive a one-hour+ loop north of Denton, twice, in exactly the same time. The team that comes closest to that goal will be the winner. There will be a few sign questions that will act as tie-breakers.

    Again, we are honored to be allowed into the Pack Automotive Museum in Farmers Branch for registration. This is a private collection of 100 old and significant cars, that you can enjoy during registration for the rally. It is at the corner of Diplomat Drive and Senlac Drive, found between I-35 freeway and Bush Turnpike.

    The rally will be held on Saturday, May 17. Registration opens at 9am at the museum. The first car will start shortly after 10am. Cost is $20 for SCCA members, and $25 for non-members. We will end in a Denton-area restaurant for a late lunch. Preregistration is at . There will be a $5 late fee at registration for those who do not preregister. Those who do preregister will get the event rules via email prior to the rally. The event is open to any street-legal vehicle, and there must be two or more people old enough to read aboard. Course following will be easy, with mileages at all instructions.

    We reserve the right to limit entries to 55 cars. We had 54 cars enter the last event (including 6 Miatas), so enter early.

    Join us!

    PS: One Miata has already entered!
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    Ten cars are already entered in the Tulip Time Rally this year. Two of them are Mazdas, but just one MX-5 so far. There is still time to enter by going to .

    We are ready with a four-checkpoint event that should be lots of fun. The Pack Automotive Museum is ready for us to do registration, and we will end at the Black Eyed Pea in Denton. It's what's in between that will be fun.

    Join us!

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