Just got this in my inbox from one of the guys with the BMW club at Keller's.
Is there enough interest here to field a Miata team?

(this is a rough estimate. I won't know the exact cost until I know exactly how many are attending)
Dodgeball Tournament Info:
-$15 per person (i'd like to charge $25 and put the proceeds to a charity that we all agree on)
-15 people MAX per team
-We'll need at least 10 teams of 8 people
-Tournament will be bracket style which will equal approx 5 games per team.
-2 hr event (7pm-9pm) on a Sunday (thinking October 5th but will take suggestions)

(the number of people per team will depend on interest….i'm think 10-12 teams consisting of 10-12 people should be our max depending on how many teams actually sign up)

Please spread this to your group and let me know what kind of interest you get.

thank you,