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Thread: Holiday Sim Race - Miatas vs. Minis at Cresson - rFactor - Tues, December 30th!

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    Thumbs up Holiday Sim Race - Miatas vs. Minis at Cresson - rFactor - Tues, December 30th!

    Happy Holidays Everyone. I wanted to make all of you aware of a great simracing event we are hosting that should be right up your alley. It is going to be hosted by Champion Motorsports, a DFW based organization that promotes simracing as well as participates in a lot of local motorsports here in DFW. come and join us on Tuesday December 30th for some door banging fun driving your choice of a Mazda Miata or a Mini Cooper at Motorsports Ranch Cresson in Texas. We will be using rFactor 1 and everything you need to race is included in this brief.

    All skill levels are welcome this is purely for fun and learning.

    About MSR Cresson

    Motorsport Ranche is A Country Club for motoring enthusiasts – including sports cars, race cars, and motorcycles. Established in 1996, the Ranch introduced and pioneered this new concept. Just as a golf country club centers its activities around a golf course, this club centers around a purpose-built road racing course. Two courses, actually, as a second road course has been added to the facility.
    Think of MotorSport Ranch as a place that its members go to satisfy that “need for speed”. Many people own a sports or high performance car, or even a vintage race car. The Ranch is a place to explore the potential of these cars and for the drivers to develop and practice their skills. The Ranch offers convenience and accessability for its members who do are able to treat performance driving as a sport or a hobby.

    Files Needed

    rFactor Lite

    Spec Miata Car (rFactor)

    Mini Cooper Car (rFactor)

    Mini's vs. Miata Mod

    Motorsport Ranch Cresson Track

    Race Schedule and Format for the Event

    Race Date = Tuesday December 30th, 2014

    8:00pm Central Standard (Chicago) Time - Practice 40 minutes
    8:40pm begins 20 minutes of Time Trials on the Counter Clockwise Track
    ***The Trials will be lapping with a winner in each Miata and Mini Class***
    ***The Trials are structured like a session at an HPDE***
    9:00pm Qualifying for 10 minutes
    9:15pm - Race 1 - 20 minutes Clockwise Configuration
    9:40pm Qualifying for 10 minutes
    9:55pm - Race 1 - 20 minutes Counter Clockwise Configuration

    Both races will be Standing Start, Black Flags Only, 50% damage
    Auto Clutch Allowed, no other aids.

    Server Connection Details

    Server Name (rFactor Lobby) = CMS DRiver Dev Holiday
    Server Password = learntogether

    Please Subscribe to this Thread or visit regularly as the most current information about the event will be posted here.

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    I ran a couple of the online races with local MINI group. Fun group, clean racing, and the car packages they use keep it fair.

    What are they using for voice communications?
    M3 is always the answer.

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    We have Teamspeak for Voice. If you would like to connect to our teamspeak server, send me a PM and I can send you the login details. -- DA

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