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Thread: DFW: spring road rally!

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    Default DFW: spring road rally!

    Spaghetti Western Rally

    Spring is road rally time, and we are ready to with our first offering of the year.

    A country drive from Grapevine to Nocona should get those juices flowing. There should be a few bluebonnets, but it will be a fun getaway from city traffic even if the flowers aren't there. You might ask what a city named after an Indian chief and famous for cowboy boots has to do with pasta? Well, if you sign up you will find out.

    The boots are gone, but now there is the Horton Classic Car Museum for you car buffs. See for a preview. And we couldn’t find a restaurant big enough for all of us in Nocona, so we will give you about an hour and a half to do lunch on your own (a restaurant list will be provided) and visit the car museum if you like. Then we will all gather at the Tales 'n' Trails Museum (western memorabilia) at a given time for the awards ceremony.

    The event is Saturday, April 25. To register, go to .

    Classic Chevrolet (the start location in Grapevine) will pay the entry fee for the first five Chevrolets to enter online.

    The Horton Museum is at 101-199 W Walnut, and the Tales ‘n’ Trails Museum is at 1522 US-82, both in Nocona.

    Our 2015 rally schedule looks like this:

    25 APR Spaghetti Western Rally
    30 MAY DFW Map Rally
    11 JUL Clear Blue Sky Rally
    15 AUG tba
    19 SEP Tour To The Tombstones
    24 OCT Great Pumpkin Rally
    05 DEC Children's Book Run

    Any street-legal car with two or more people old enough to read can enter. No special car prep is necessary. Just bring a clip board and a pencil, and you are ready to go. There is a First Timer's class, in case you have never done this before. You will drive about 90 miles to Nocona following a certain route, finding various signs and landmarks along the way. The cars that follow the rules and find the most answers will take home trophies.

    We are very likely to have three+ Mazdas enter, in which case we will create a "Team Mazda" to compete against other Teams.

    Join us and be a part of the biggest SCCA rally program in the nation!

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    Planning on doing this first one in April! :)

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    Here are the entries for our rally to Nocona so far: BMW, WRX, Chrysler (from San Antonio!), Wrangler, and Chevrolet Belair (2). My guess is about 20 entries, which should make it easy to get a trophy. Go to to enter.

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