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Thread: Titus's V6 Swap build thread

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    Default Titus's V6 Swap build thread

    First, a walk down memory lane for the 14 years I have owned my Miata...

    In 2001, I purchased a bone stock 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miata with low miles. Over the last 14 years and 100k miles, it has gone through several phases...

    Stage 1, Stock:

    Stage 2, The custom bug bites:

    Stage 3, Time for power:

    Stage 4, cutting down on bling:

    Then it got bit by a snow storm:

    Which facilitated the leap to stage 5:

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    This takes us more recent times. The supercharger was old and tired, and I was looking for a new project. All of the old supercharger related gear was pulled off, and the engine was put back to mostly stock. Once it was stock and had passed it's last emissions inspection it will ever need, I ordered the JV6 Miata swap package from Minitec that has been featured in a recent GRM. (More Info:

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    While I waited for the kit, I picked up a pair of J32A2 engines, both with about 80k miles and both out of 2002 Acura TL Type S from the local junk yard.

    The one on the right will be used in this swap... the other was sold to a friend.

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    In order to get the engine to fit, the intake manifold must be modified. Minitec has 2 different ways to achieve this:

    Option A moves the throttle body to the side of the intake. This is their preferred method, as it allows power steering and EGR to be retained.

    Option B is to flip the intake manifold and lower runners 180 degrees, and modify the throttle body mount to angle down to clear the hood.

    I decided on option B, as I liked the look better and didn't mind loosing power steering and EGR.

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    I have removed my intake manifold and sent it off to minitec for modification. Knowing I would be loosing EGR (when you flip the manifold, everything but the EGR port lines up perfectly), I went ahead and removed the EGR valve and got an EGR blockoff plate.

    Once I get the manifold back, I will also have to address blocking off the EGR hole in the manifold, as it is now exposed.

    I also have flipped the lower intake runners. In order to re-install the fuel rails, a new mounting hole needs to be drilled in each rail. Below you can see the old empty hole that doesn't line up, with the bolt next to it using the new hole I drilled.

    While I had not planned on doing any performance upgrades to the engine initially, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up these ported and polished runners I found online. They arrived yesterday, so I will need to swap out the ones on there when I have a chance.

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    The actual swap kit arrived last night. This is what is was delivered in:

    I am not going to bother taking pictures of everything straight out of the box, as it all looks much like what can be seen in the pic on their website:

    As I actually go to install parts, I will add pictures of them then. I am expecting this build to go pretty slow, but will try to update the thread each week. The next update will be around the removal of the old engine and subframe, planned for Tomorrow.

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    Good stuff Todd! Looking forward to following your build!

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    Very cool. Subscribed.
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    Some day, will your Honda V6 look like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cone-cerned View Post
    Some day, will your Honda V6 look like this.
    More or less.

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    Nice recap, and great explanation of the upcoming work. Looking forward to your progress.


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    Looking forward to seeing this, I am very interested in doing this to my car but have a few concerns with there kit. (Starter placement , ground clearance, changes to steering geometry and no forward motor mounts.) I really want to see some of these out and getting abused to see how things hold up. If you want to have a install day where you need a extra hand LMK would be glad to help so I can check out some things in person. Good luck!
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    Honda powwwwer Nice project, good luck with the build
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    Can't wait!! :)
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    Very nice. Todd!
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    Sub'd Love the look you car has. Very nicely done.
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    Intake and Radiator are out.

    Header out.

    No more transmission.

    Here comes the engine.

    Engine out.


    We don't need no stock subframe!

    How low can we go?

    A lot easier to tuck with no subframe in the car!

    VIP baby!

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    Amazing car, Love it

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    Very cool. Looks like you're off to a good start.
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