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Thread: F1 @ COTA This Weekend, Newsletter

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    Default F1 @ COTA This Weekend, Newsletter

    You want some behind the scenes news about the event then see the pictures and stories
    with the Officials Newsletter

    Did you know the FIA brings 3 weatherman to the races. Lightning is normally not a problem but this is Texas.
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    Interesting link, thanks. It's not looking good for Sunday.

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    Boring and wet, glad I went to WEC this year instead of F1.
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    Turned out to be an interesting race on the dvr...

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    That was the best race of the year!
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    No regrets from me for not going, and yeah, the changing conditions made the race rather interesting.


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    I worked as a Scrutineer (Tech) official the whole weekend. It was wet.
    Great race watching with telemetry and GPS in the teams' garage. In the end, post-race Tech checks and scales backed up, and I was asked to steer the top 10 cars onto and off the scales. Yep, got to steer Hamilton's, Rossberg's, Nasr, Vettle's cars while pushers provided power.
    Did I mention that it was wet...a lot?
    Same thing last year, same thing next year.

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