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    Default TDR Swap Meet

    I've been thinking of having another TDR swap meet on a Saturday in April when it warms up and wanted to know if there was interest in this. We will be clearing the shelves of used parts as well as selling new parts.

    The parking lot will be open to people to set up booths and clear out their garages of used Miata parts as well.

    Is there anything else people would want to have or do?

    If it goes well, we may do a Miata Show and Shine at TDR after Cars and Coffee every month. What do you think of a monthly Miata car meet once a month?
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    In for the garage sale. Been waiting a long time for another.
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    I have enough that I should load it and bring it out, nothing special thou. At the least I would be interested in stopping by and seeing what ppl have.

    Quote Originally Posted by OZMDD View Post
    In for the garage sale. Been waiting a long time for another.
    I bet you got more than a truck load.
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    That sounds like alot of fun, id bring the exocet and my wallet hehe

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    Looking forward to it!

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    ...and across the line.

    1996 Mazda Miata - R-Package (Eve-L)
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    Would anybody be interested in a pair of mint 93 LE red leather seats? They may have been redone, they are really really nice. I paid a hell of a lot for them, but have decided not to use them after all

    Also have some as new senson shocks with stock springs and FC bump stops, still assemble with top hats from my 91. (around 1000 mi on the shocks)

    I can bring any of this to the meet if there is an interest.

    I would consider trading up or down for RB headers or 15 x 7.5 light weight wheels. Maybe some aftermarket seats if they are lower than stock, fit my car and fit my big ass.

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