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Thread: 2017 PAX Numbers posted

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    Default 2017 PAX Numbers posted

    *Numbers have been changed as of 11/21/2016. Rick fine tuned them some more. Example. CS went from .808 to .810

    The New numbers have been posted by Rick Ruth. A major shift in the alignment compared to last year. At first glance your number will look like it dropped a lot but so did most of the classes. Thanks Rick for working the numbers.
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    Not for csp or dp....

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    Last year, the difference from DS to CS was 0.008, from CS to BS and from BS to AS was 0.007. Now DS to CS is 0.009, CS to BS is a difference of 0.003, and from BS to AS is 0.006. Interesting.

    Not a bad deal for the twins moving from CS to DS for 2017.

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