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Thread: rFactor 2 Spec Miata Race at NOLA!!!! March 13th!

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    Thumbs up rFactor 2 Spec Miata Race at NOLA!!!! March 13th!

    Welcome to CMS Spring Fun Race #1 Spec Miata's at NOLA Motorsports Park!!! This will be an excellent combo, and one that is run quite a bit on the SCCA Majors Tour as well as Regional Events. Come out and enjoy the new track combo with "PickBadgers" awesome Spec Miata Mod ...

    Race Date 3/13/2017
    server name = Spring Fun
    Time Qualifying Starts at 845 pm CST (chicago/usa time zone)
    race - 45 minutes (timed)
    car - rFactor 2 Spec Miata
    track - NOLA Motorsport Park Course B
    password = speedrules
    mod file - you need to install this in rF2 to join the race (Download HERE)

    Car and Track Downloads
    NOLA Track
    Spec Miata Mod version 1.32

    you may run any livery in game including paint swap skins ...

    Have Fun and Happy Spring Time!!!

    notes from the mod creator on the Car
    Please be aware that the default shifting option is H-Pattern with Clutch. If you don't have a clutch or an H-Pattern shifter, please choose the Paddle Shifter option in tuning.

    If you choose the H-Pattern option, you will have to make good shifts

    Driving Tip
    Be patient with your entry speed! This is the critical mistake that SM drivers make. You can carry tons of speed through turns, but you have to get the entry speed right. If you come in too hot, lift a little and preemptively counter steer.. you can save it to a point

    I recommend the following FFB settings:
    Car Specific FFB MULT = 1.24
    FFB Smoothing = 4
    Steering torque minimum="0.08000"

    Car Specific FFB MULT = 1.00
    FFB Smoothing = 0
    Steering torque minimum="0.03000"

    I recommend setting your engine volume to 35%. Spec Miatas are LOUD. Setting the this to 35% is effectively the same as wearing ear plugs, plus you'll be able to use TS or Vent and hear the spotter.

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