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Thread: NB1 Rear Crossmember and Brace

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    Default NB1 Rear Crossmember and Brace

    I'm making room in the garage for my new-to-me NC1 and am getting rid of all of my NB stuff. One of the items I have left is a NB1 rear crossmember and brace. This would be a great upgrade for an NA and will bolt right in. I also have a stock NB1 airbox, snorkel, and the tube to the throttle body.

    I'm in McKinney and would really like them gone this weekend. $100, knowing that all dollars will go into my Ohlins fund!

    Tim Buck
    tim dot mazdaspeed at gmail dot com

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    I may bring the to the bus lot with me on Saturday. Best offer takes them home!

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