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    Default 1991 Miata BRG

    1991 Mazda Miata in British Racing Green with 97,750 miles- $5,500

    I am the third owner and have owned this car for 10 years. Records since new. The car has just passed inspection and has a valid street registration and clean title. It has working AC, cruise control, and factory radio. As in almost all of these cars the airbag light is on. For the last three years I have been using this car as a fun weekend track car for driver education events in the Porsche Club. This is an incredibly fun and economical car to learn how to drive on track, or it would make a fun street car. The car has extremely well maintained. New maintenance items include:

    -new radiator.
    -new belts and hoses.
    -new differential.
    -new wheel hubs/bearings.
    -spark plugs and wires.
    -timing belt and water pump.
    -new brake lines.
    -new clutch.
    -brake pads and discs.

    The car has been modified to make it more fun on the track:

    -a new coil over suspension by Fat cat Motorsports ( with custom valved Bilstein shocks.
    -Sparco Race seats.
    -Hard Dog Hard Core roll bar.
    -four point Schroth harnesses + factory seatbelt.
    -cold air intake (the only engine modification).
    -it has a factory hard top and the convertible top has been removed.
    -the power steering has been removed (not much need in a 2,200 pound car).
    -15" Team Dynamics wheels with Toys RA-1 tires (no dents or scratches).
    -engine was tuned last year on the dyno by X-Factor Racing, ran strong with 109 hp at the wheels.
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    Nice looking BRG. GLWS.

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    Nice car, good price. I'm sure you'll find a happy buyer!

    Not knocking the car, but how did it pass inspection with an airbag light on?

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    The car has been sold

    Not knocking the car, but how did it pass inspection with an airbag light on?[/QUOTE]

    The airbag is not required for passing inspection.

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