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Thread: Event #8 Removed from Championship

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    Default Event #8 Removed from Championship

    Greetings Autocrossers,

    Equipe Rapide had our board of directors meeting last night and elected officers for the 2018 season.

    We have spent a couple of weeks examining the results of event #8 and discussing the issue with the software designer. We believe we have a solution to the problem and will set up a full R&D session in the future to fully troubleshoot the system before the next mirrorcross.

    During our investigation we realized that there is no way to have confidence in the times that were generated. It was obvious that there were suspicious random hero runs that got posted on both the left and right sides that were 5 or more seconds faster than that person's fastest time. Once we got looking into the problem deeper we found that the other times that were not suspicious were actually not matching up with GPS and video data from cars that had logged that information. My times in particular showed 2-3 seconds off between the GPS/GoPro clock and the official captured time. We went back to the previous events and did not see this discrepancy.

    The board of directors has voted to remove event #8 from the points standings for the season. We have dropped our number of events from 10 to 9 as far as points are concerned towards a year end trophy. We have reduced the minimum number of events to qualify for a trophy from 6 to 5. We have reduced the points calculation from counting the best 7 finishes to only counting the best 6 finishes. We did, however, decide to allow participation in event #8 to count towards the minimum number of events. Rapide PAX championship points will also be changed in the same way as class points with a reduction in minimum levels required for a trophy. Allowing #8 to count for Rapide PAX helps those who need the extra 50 points awarded for multiple events.

    We will have an updated year end points total posted to the website in the next few days. I appreciate your patience with this. We were completely blind sided by this technical glitch that has not happened at any other events and wasn't apparent until the event was well under way.

    Andy Cost
    Andy Cost
    Humble Servant - Equipe Rapide

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    Andy and the ER board, thank you for addressing the issue. I believe this was a good call based on all the data.

    I'm glad to hear that there is a solution and R&D that will happen before the next mirrorcross....those events are too much fun!

    Brad McCann
    GS Genesis Coupe
    Korean Camaro Racing

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    Good call guys.
    C5 Base Daily Driven Beater
    Borrowed 1M
    (2017 B-Street Pro Solo Champion)

    Jeremy Foley

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