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    The Ranger is about due for tires. Got a set of four-year-old Bitchin cool Raised White Letter Cooper Cobra it now! They are decent as long as the roads are not wet or cold.

    Performed an unintended pirouette yesterday on Beach Street in the rain that made the poop come out a little.

    Since I'm pushing upwards of 73 normally aspirated Horse Power to a single rear wheel ya really end up depending on that one tire to get her moving.

    The Sticker in the door call for 235/60/15s which doesn't seem like a very popular size anymore. Playing with the cool Tire Size Calculator looks like I could also consider other sizes without changing the general size too much. Local Tire Place wanted to put a set of tires on it that I've never heard of... When it comes tire tires I'm a bit of a brand snob.

    Anyone have any first-hand experience with light truck/SUV tires that would fufill more of an all-season role??

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    I'm on my second set of Yoko Geolander's on my F150 (call Baker). I've been very happy with them.

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    Not available in a size that would work on the StRanger.....

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