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Thread: Decent Mid Size Sedans??

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    Question Decent Mid Size Sedans??

    So after 5 years and almost 75,000 miles of use, the time has come to retire the 1995 Ranger.

    Our only child Graduates from Oklahoma State this weekend and has taken a Job in Virginia up near DC so it looks like more big road trips are on the horizon. So we are thinking midsized sedan that can burn the miles but not the gas.

    Few Caveats since we are planning to road trip this piss out of this car we are wanting to go to go CPO with a long powertrain warranty and buy it.

    We already have a lease with the kid's car that still has 12 months till it is done that we are going to pay for until lease end to give her a bit to get to full time "adulting" without a car payment and insurance. Yes, we are nice like that.. That does cut into the car budget. I'm going to stay under $25K all in for this one.

    I like the Mazda6 it is just a sexy car. What else should we be looking at??

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    +1 for the Mazda6.
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    I like the 6 too. I thought you were a Toyota boy....hard to beat a Camry if you're looking for a toaster.

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    The 6 is a good looking car. I think a Camry or Accord would fit the bill too.
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    The Camry is almost too toaster.

    I do like the Avalon thou

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    You can get the 6 with a turbo...

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    For what its worth I really like the mazda drive train in the CX-5. I am pretty sure it is similar to the 6, but probably peppier due to a lighter car.

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    If you are doing long road trips I would want autonomous so Camry, Accord, or Civic with openpilot:

    I have it on my truck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidss View Post
    If you are doing long road trips I would want autonomous so Camry, Accord, or Civic with openpilot:

    I have it on my truck!
    That is cool!

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    We rented an Impala for a bit, and really liked it....Neal has one too.

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