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Thread: Miatas at Hallet 2018

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    Default Miatas at Hallet 2018

    It's on the Hallett schedule for September 7th and 8th, but registration isn't open yet.

    Does anyone have any news about it? Will it be just Miatas, or is Connie going to open it up to the Minis too?

    I had a blast the last two years. I'm looking forward to this year's event.

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    Registration is open, and I've just registered for Friday and Saturday. It's gonna be fun!

    I haven't heard anything about the hotel group rate yet.

    Who else is going?

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    Connie is working on the announcement.

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    [Broken record] Hoping to go this year! [/Broken record]
    "Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague longing for something salty" - Peter Egan

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackzx3_13 View Post
    [broken record] as soon as i get new tires - 2016 [/broken record]

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    [email protected] Sept 7-8 Register online
    (or if you prefer the US mail, use the attached entry form)

    To reserve a room at the Hampton Inn Sand Springs

    1. call 918-245-8500.
    2. or email [email protected]

    Be sure to tell them you want the “[email protected]” rate.

    BBQ by Rib Crib for the Saturday night party!
    Friday clockwise for experienced drivers
    Saturday counterclockwise for all levels of experience

    More info and reminders to follow . . .

    Connie L. Stephens
    59901 E 55 Rd
    Jennings, OK 74038
    Track 918-356-4814
    Office 918-585-1900

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    [email protected] 2018 on Sep 7 and 8

    Registration for [email protected] 2018 is open!

    [email protected] is an annual track day at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, just outside of Tulsa, OK. This casual event is about having fun in a safe environment on a track that is virtually tailor-made for Miatas. There are separate run groups for novice through expert, with instructors available, so you do not need to worry about previous track experience. Novices are welcome! If you have never taken your Miata on the track or you have never been to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, this is the event to attend. It is a friendly atmosphere of fellow Miata enthusiast who are willing to help you with any questions or issues. Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is truly a gem that you should experience in your Miata.

    The official [email protected] event is Saturday September 8th and uses the counter-clockwise course, but there is a bonus event on Friday September 7th that uses the clockwise course. You can register for one day or both days, but previous experience at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is required to attend on Friday Going in opposite directions each day makes for two different courses, so it is worth attending both days.

    There is a banquet on Saturday night at the event hotel that is included in your entry. Barbeque from Rib Crib is served, humor abounds, items are raffled, and good times had. Bring your own beverage of choice.

    Register online at or email them for a mail-in entry form. $180 for a single day or $320 for two days. $20 early bird discount applies. Look for ~100 minutes of track time each day, depending on how smoothly things go. The entries are limited, so register early and often.

    The event hotel is the Hampton Inn Sand Springs. Call 918-245-8500 or email [email protected] and ask for the special “[email protected]” rate to reserve your room.

    Rental helmets are available.

    Transponders are available for rental if you want to track your lap times.

    You can park on open areas around the track or rent a covered race port.

    Roll bars are not required with street tires (200+ treadwear rating).

    Contact Hallett Motor Racing Circuit via for more information.

    See you there!

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    On the website right now it is showing $160 for Friday, $160 for Saturday, and $300 for both days. That is the same daily rate as last year, but 1/2 the total discount. It was $280 last year for two days with early-bird discount.

    Last year the raceport rental was $40 per day, $80 for two days. That's for 1/2 the structure. Their standard price last year was $45 per day, so we were getting a discounted price. This year, it is $90 for 1/2 of a structure for two days. So we're either not getting the raceport rental discount, or their standard rental rate went up.

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