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Thread: NTAXS Autocross #4, 7/21/18, TMS Bus Lot

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    Default NTAXS Autocross #4, 7/21/18, TMS Bus Lot


    North Texas Autocross Series (NTAXS)
    Saturday, July 21
    Texas Motor Speedway Bus Lot in Fort Worth, TX
    $50/driver entry fee.
    Pre-register via link at starting July 5.
    No on-site registration.

    The event is limited to 70 drivers. Once the event reaches 70 drivers, then you will have the option of joining the waiting list when you attempt to register. If your entry from the waiting list is accepted, then you will receive an email with links to complete your registration and submit payment, but you must do so within the next 24 hours or the invitation will expire. Note that the invite will use the Eastern time zone.

    You get eight runs at NTAXS events, so you will make four runs in the AM session and four runs in the PM session, with a lunch break in between.

    8 AM – 9 AM Check-in, Registration, and mandatory Tech Inspection.
    (You must arrive in time to check in and pass tech inspection prior to 9 AM).
    8:00 AM – 9:15 AM Course open for walking.
    9:00 AM Novice Meeting (mandatory if new to NTAXS events).
    9:15 AM Drivers Meeting (mandatory for all).
    9:30 AM First car out.

    Lunch usually occurs around noon and the events usually complete at around 3:30.

    Car Classing is based on engine size and tire wear rating:

    - Class 1/1R is for engines under 2.3 liters, except Honda S2000 and Lotus
    - Class 2/2R is for engines over 2.2 liters, but under 4.0 liters, plus Honda S2000.
    - Class 3/3R is for engines over 3.9 liters, plus Lotus Elise/Exige.
    - Class S2000 is only for Honda S2000 on street tires.
    - Class X/XR is an open class for any engine displacement and induction.

    Rotary engine multiplies displacement by 2.0. Usage of forced induction multiplies displacement by 1.5. (This is in addition to the rotary multiplier, if applicable.) Tires with a wear rating under 140 must use the R version of the respective class that was determine by engine size.

    View the rules, refund policy, and additional information at . Refunds will be granted until 3 PM (Central) on the day prior to the event. After 3 PM on the day prior to the event, there will be no refunds or credits.

    Contact us via links on for more information.

    Find us on Facebook at .

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    Dang already at 47 Registered!!

    Register early and often!!

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    "Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague longing for something salty" - Peter Egan

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    Whoohoo! In at entry number 70!

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