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Thread: Texas Miata Round-up

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    Default Texas Miata Round-up

    I might do the Track Only option.

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    I'd be in for the track, too.

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    Just registered for the track day.

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    The cost is reasonable at $125 for the track day-only participants. All drivers are required to participate in training and lead/follow sessions. There are parade laps and photos in the middle of the day. No mention of how many track sessions there will be, or if there will be classing based on experience level. They have a limit of 64 drivers. More than 1/3rd that many per session will make for a crowded track.

    More detail would be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrj512 View Post
    Just registered for the track day.
    How many forms did you send back to register? One or two? On their site it says there are 3 links and fill out/return 2 of the forms. But there are only two forms, the application form and the tech form.


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