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Thread: Clear Blue Sky, a National SCCA Road Rally

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    Default Clear Blue Sky, a National SCCA Road Rally

    Clear Blue Sky Rally, a National SCCA Championship event

    This road rally will show off some pretty roads in Collin and Grayson Counties. We will visit the towns of Weston, Van Alstyne and Howe. There will be course-following tests, designed to see how well you can follow the rules. All are carefully looped so you do not get lost if you err. We will ask you questions about signs and landmarks that you see to determine if you have done the “traps” correctly.
    • Rally Day: Saturday, Oct 20, 2018. Rally Master: Liz Witt.
    • Starting Place: Holiday Inn & Suites McKinney, 3220 Craig Dr., McKinney, TX 75070
    • Registration: 8:00am to 9:00 am on Rally Day
    • Novice meeting & Safety Briefing: 9:10am
    • Cars leave the start: 9:30 am plus your car number. Length: about 6 hours & 125 miles
    • Finish: El Fenix McKinney, two blocks from the start hotel.
    • Rally type: GTA (fun run). A clipboard and pencil is all you need. All roads are paved.
    • Vehicles: Sports Cars, Family Cars, Classic Cars, Antiques, anything with 4 wheels that’s street legal is OK in this Rally. Note: speed is not a factor.
    • At least two people (a driver and a navigator) are required in each car; if you have a minor child (< 18 in the car, contact [email protected], as a form will need to be signed.
    • Four classes: 1st-timer, Novice (3 rally trophies), General, & Master (optional class: no trophies).
    • Rally entry fee: $25.00. $5 discount for SCCA members. You must pay with registration at $5.00 late fee if not preregistered.
    The challenge of a Road Rally is to follow a prescribed course at legal speeds and to read signs and landmarks along the route to find answers to questions supplied by the organizers. It is not a contest of speed or racing. Registrants will be emailed the rally rules two weeks before the event. We encourage entrants to pre-register in advance, to allow time to review the rules. To pre-register, go to .

    Join us!
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    Interest in the Clear Blue Sky road rally is heating up! Our early entries include a first-time rallyist in a Corvette, a Master-Class entrant in a rental car (he's flying in from DC), a Novice Class entrant in a Porsche Cayman, a First-Time rallyist in a Subaru WRX STi, a General Class pair in a Tiguan, more First-Timers, driving a Hyundai Azera, a Jeep Rubicon, and two Mazda Miatas; also a General Class pair in a Toyota Previa Altrac. It looks like a good group. Why not join us!
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    Seventeen entries already in the Clear Blue Sky rally! This means we will probably have over 30 cars entered on rally day. Eight of them are first-time rallyists, driving a Corvette, WRX STi, Jeep, Miata (3), Hyundai Azera, and a Lexus. The only Novice Class entrant so far will be driving a Porsche Cayman. The six General Class pairs will be in a Volvo, a Ford, two Volkswagens, and two Toyotas. The two Master Class entries are flying in and running in rental cars. The drivers and navigators are from Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington state.
    Come join this happy group!

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    We have formed two "Teams", Miata and Toyota, one of which will be named "Best Team" for the Clear Blue Sky rally. A minimum of three cars may form a Team, so there will probably be more Teams which will add to this extra bit of competition!

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