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Thread: My Jeep Z06 For Sale On Bring A Trailer

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    Default My Jeep Z06 For Sale On Bring A Trailer

    The auction is now up and live for the next week:

    So I decided to put my Jeep Z06 for sale. It will be up for auction on bring a trailer in about a week.

    This is a 2001 Z06 with 95k miles with the body removed and a Jeep CJ body and hood put in it's place. The car weighs 2450 so about 700lbs lighter than stock. Has a rollcage legal for most track events and could be road racing legal with the addition of 3 bars. The car has an headers, intake, exhaust, and tune. C6 Z06 brakes along with coilover conversion with bilstein monotubes custom valved for the lower weight.

    Compared to other exoskeleton cars (lotus 7, exocet, ariel atom) this is more reliable and easier to repair as all the suspension and running gear are just Z06 parts. And it has WORKING ABS!

    I would predict it will sell for $5000-10,000 but it's a no reserve auction so who knows. I'll post the link when it goes live.

    Build photos:

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    That is such a cool car/jeep!

    Hope ya get a ton for it!

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    It is cool, and wicked fast! GLWS.

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    I can only imagine the comments on BAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverspool View Post
    David from NASIOC?
    Yeah Davidss... How's it going buddy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidss View Post
    Yeah Davidss... How's it going buddy!
    crazy looking build man, good luck with the sale.

    going good, ive got an NC in the stable

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    David - got your PM but i dont know if im able to respond - might have to few posts. Yes my number is still the same.

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    You should be able to PM now...
    "Opinions are like ..."

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    Did you sell it? What a amazing build!

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    Looks like you are happy with the ending. Awesome. It stalled $5k.... for a few days.
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