Anybody need tires or 17” wheels plus tires for their NC?

I bought an NC2 and it came with Bridgestone Pole Position S04 tires. Date code is 0716. Size 215/45 x 17 (original size was 205).

Two of the tires have 8/32” (out of 10/32”) and two of them have 5/32.” They are all evenly worn, no cupping or more wear on inside or outside.

They are mounted on the OEM 17 x 7 55mm wheels. The wheels have been black PlastiDipped including the centercaps. The PlastiDip is coming off here and there. The wheels don’t have curb rash or other problems. The wheels have functioning TPMS.

Would sell the dismounted tires only for $275

Would sell tires and wheels for $475

Will not sell wheels without tires.