I sold my NA with an NB powertrain and have several parts (new and used) left over.

Mazda new in box clutch master cylinder for NA6 and NA8 only PN NA01-41-400A $75 https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts...der-na0141400a

NA ignition module New never used Intermotor brand from OReilly LX628 $70 https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b...FIgnitor&pos=1

Used starter for NA6 or NA8 Works fine $20

NA Radiator Cooling fan, AC side, used. $25

1.6 exhaust manifold gasket, new, Mazda B695-13-460 $5

NA rubber NAPA rear brake hoses, PN 380197 $10

NB Two new Mazda differential axle side seals B-12-010-G0-3-1. New Mazda pinion seal B-12-015-G1-2-1. New Mazda axle C-clips G003-25-421. All for $25

NA New Mazda transmission output seal. M507-17-335A $5

NA NB Two new Mazda camber adjustment bolts (new style) NAY9-28-GAZ and two heavier duty camber adjustment bolts from Advanced Autosports. https://www.advanced-autosports.com/...alignment-cams All 4 for $ 20

NA used brake master and clutch master cylinder caps. Make your own Motive Power Bleeder adapter by getting brass fittings from Lowe’s. $5

Equus 8000 series Vacuum/Boost gauge, PN 8257.
2” dia, used for two days, then decided that without bifocals (I’m old), I needed a bigger one to see the reading accurately
$20 cash complete with all hook up stuff and the backing ring to mount into a panel

Also, larger version of the Vacuum/Boost gauge, 2 5/8” diameter, PN 8457. With vacuum line hookup stuff and ring to mount into a panel. $20

Equus PN# 8462 2 5/8” electric water temp gauge, new never used. $20 Does not include the temp sensor. https://www.amazon.com/Equus-8462-El...gateway&sr=8-1 Sensor available here for $12:

Also, a separate mounting cup PN 9925 for either of the 2 5/8” gauges
paid $44 plus shipping to Summit $20 cash