Join us in Mansfield at Fat Daddy?s Sports & Spirits Cafe for the first rally of our new season. After about an 80 mile drive on some of the scenic hard surfaced country roads in Tarrant and Johnson Counties you and your sweetheart (or rally partner) will end up back at Fat Daddy?s. As usual, Jerry White will be the rallymaster for this event.

This rally is about solving puzzles (many related to sweethearts) using signs and objects found along the rally route. One penalty point will be assessed for each correct solution you don?t mark as being found, and one for each incorrect solution you mark as being correct. Low score wins. Puzzles can have from zero to four correct solutions. There will never be more than one puzzle active at a time.

? Awards: First Timers, Novices (every person in the vehicle has won 2 or less rally trophies), and General Class.
? Optional Master Class for those who want bragging rights but don't want any more trophies.
? Start and finish at: Fat Daddy?s Sports & Spirits Cafe, 781 W Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX 76063. (A great place for both lunch and dinner.)
? Registration/Check-In: 11:00 am ? noon.
? General Instructions Review: 11:15 am (Geared toward first timers and novices but all are welcome.)
? Mandatory Safety Briefing: 12:10pm.
? Car 1 recieves their Leg 1 Route Book: 12:21 pm (Car 2, 12:22pm, etc.)
? There will be two rest breaks at the QuikTrip in Alvarado.
? First car should finish in Mansfield around 5:00pm; awards around 6:00pm
? If you have a smart phone, tablet or laptop automated scoring will be available.
? House of Hotrods (a complete restoration shop) showroom will be open just for rally participants and workers.
? Vehicles: Sports cars, family sedans, pickup trucks, SUV's and anything else with 4 wheels that's street legal (bring something that you will be comfortable in and will have fun driving on back roads and byways, some of which are oil & chip).
? Rally Fee: $30.00 / SCCA Members: $25.00 / $5 late fee at check-in if not preregistered on Please preregister (see below) and avoid the late fee (and so we know how many Route Books to print).
? About two weeks before the rally the General Instructions will be posted on About a week before the event the General Instructions will be emailed to those who preregister by then.
? Contact the rallymaster at [email protected] if you have questions.
We encourage entrants to pre-register as early as possible. The Rally Committee reserves the right to limit entries. To pre-register and obtain additional details, follow this link to .

Come on out and discover what game/trivia/adventure (GTA) rallying is all about!