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Thread: Anyone with a Hush-O-Matic on ND in DFW area

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    Default Anyone with a Hush-O-Matic on ND in DFW area

    I am looking at getting a FlyinMiata HOM exhaust. But I wanted to listen to how it sounds beforehand. I can pay in beers for your time .

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    Not a lot of traffic here anymore.....

    But I am interested in hearing what you think of the Hush-O-Matic!

    Link for those interesed -
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    So not only do you have to buy the muffler set up but you also have to get the CAN integration for the Hush-O-Matic exhaust?

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    It looks like you dont need to get the CAN integration. The muffler is actuated by a vacuum line. You can hook up the vacuum line to the engine if you are getting only the muffler. In this case, your throttle input is what controls the amount of bypass, where wide open throttle completely bypasses the muffler. I think CAN makes it a little more manageable where you can keep it on 3 different settings in between fully muffled and fully throttle controlled. There are still a few things which I dont understand about the setup. The information about the setup is not very clear since it looks like it went through some revisions since it was introduced. Will post on this thread once I get the exhaust.

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