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Thread: Anybody out there?

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    Default Anybody out there?

    I can tell Miatas are still a thing, because the prices have gotten so high. But no posts to forum for over a year?

    Anyway, I tried to PM OZMDD about a top, but his box is full. If anyone can help me get to him, that would be nice.

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    Howdy; yes I'm on. I feel so lonely.
    SOLD: 92 silver w/hardtop, voodoo, Kosei wheels, pine tree air freshener, and some JR stuff.
    SOLD: 99 silver; the old Goodwin supercharged car with gobs of power and everything else on it.
    SOLD: 95 triple black; stock
    SOLD: 99 black and tan; loaded and clean; just hit 50k miles.
    SOLD: 2006 Copper Mica Red; stock.
    FOR SALE: 2007 Galaxy Grey Grand Touring; stock; 38k miles.

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    I still check the forum. I still have my '94 M Edition, it's now set up as a track car.
    On the track, I am fearless.
    If you were as slow as me, you wouldn't be afraid either.

    1994 M Edition
    CSP 67

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