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    Boy gets stuck in toy machine
    By Josh Verges/Austin Daily Herald

    Austin firefighters are trained to use the Jaws of Life, but on Sunday afternoon, the Claws of Life would have been a more appropriate tool for removing a toddler from a novelty machine.

    A 3-year-old boy crawled through the toy discharge chute in the Toy Chest claw machine at Godfathers Pizza at 600 West Oakland Avenue in Austin.
    “It was the funniest thing I ever saw,” said Fire Chief Dan Wilson, one of three to respond to the non-emergency call. “I mean this is Mission: Impossible stuff.”

    When firefighters got there, the boy was enjoying himself and patrons were taking pictures with their digital cameras, Wilson said.

    “The kid was in there playing, smiling, laughing. He thought it was fun,” Wilson said. “I don’t think he was in any real danger. There was plenty of air in there.”

    Firefighters pried the door open to get the boy out. Shift commander Ted Gilbertson said he’s heard of similar incidents in the national news, but not locally.

    “It must be easily done,” he said.

    The boy was unhurt, but fire officials suggest parents keep a close eye on their children.

    “They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do,” Gilbertson said. “It’s kind of up to the parents.”

    Good job, kid!


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    That's funny!
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    ...and across the line.

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