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Thread: Noise diagnostic?

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    Default Noise diagnostic?

    Okay I know its almost impossible to diagnose things this way but here it goes.

    Since we bough the car there has been a noise that is 100% associated with speed. It starts off as a low rumble and gets louder and manifests as a humm/vibration as speed increases. If you turn the steering to the right it all but goes away. If you turn to the left it intensifies. As speed increases it intensifies. Clutch in/out does not matter. Gear selection does not matter.

    It did this before I replaced the tires, springs, shocks and brakes. So those don't seem to be the culprit. I am thinking wheel bearing now. Any thoughts?

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    +1 for wheel bearing
    Maybe 4 wheels aren't so bad after all...
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    **In my deliriousness I thought this was talking about a vibration in a NC, oops** If it were here are some possible causes. Now back to your normal programming.


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    I'm thinking it could be a wheel bearing also.

    Some good information here!
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    +1 for the wheel bearing.

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    That low speed rumble was all I needed to hear.....wheel bearing/hub. You should be able to hear and feel it if you jack it up and rotate the wheel.
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    Looks like THIS is what you need. Anyone know if these are decent prices?

    Unfortunately, the bearings only come as part of the hub assembly.
    That kinda sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titus
    Looks like THIS is what you need. Anyone know if these are decent prices?

    That kinda sucks.
    Welcome to the world of modern design, this isn't a Mazda exclusive!

    HudsonHawk you know if the noise is coming from the front or the rear of the car??

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    It seems to be from the front but I am not 100% certain.

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    I have some front hubs... not sure what kind of shape they are in... Came attached to the assembly that was with the engine/trans I just bought...

    From a 93... If it will fit yours, you can have it, just come take it off.

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    Thanks for the offer. But If I am going to replace them then I would rather go new. You just never know what kind of shape used parts are in.

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    I understand... but if you are in a spot with $$$ then free does have a certain appeal to it
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    Well its confirmed. Passenger front bearing is going out. I jacked up the front end and spun the passenger wheel, sure enough I could hear the bearing growling. So I get to do some more work this weekend. Darn!

    I checked the drivers side while I had it up in the air and it does not apear to have any problems.

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