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    Default My OTM project

    Ok after sitting in storage for ten years I finally am ready to build my sleeper Supra. The first car I ever bought was an 83 Supra and I could never bring myself to sell it. Long story short I am transplanting a 7MGTE out of a newer Supra into my 83. I was able to find a good donor with a fresh rebuilt motor and a turbo upgrade. Along with the hp increase I'll be adding a four wheel Willwood big brake upgrade and a few suspension mods. I plan on making this my daily driver Just had to share thanks guys.
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    Very nice!

    Just find some nicer wheels than those things came with back in '83... I'm partial to "vintage" Supras myself, so I look forward to seeing your finished product.
    Maybe 4 wheels aren't so bad after all...
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    You'll have to bring it out to a Wednesday night gathering. I'd love to see it! Wish I had my first car.
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    hmmm, sleeper supra, sweet...
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    Never seen a "Sleeper" Supra.... if you need help with the 7M engine, check out Wasabi Motorsports in Garland. A friend of mine named Christian there is an absolute GENIUS with the 3rd gen engines... I took mine to him and came away happy :)
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    My mom had the Celica with the funky front end. I leaned to drive in that car, always wanted the Supra!

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    Stock wheels are going bye bye since the big brake kit won't fit under anything smaller than a 16" wheel. I haven't decided on which wheels I'm getting yet, but the choices are limited due to bolt pattern and offset. I do know that the fronts will be 245's and the rears will be 275's.

    I say sleeper Supra because it is an 83 with 145hp from the factory and the motor I bought has dyno'd at 320hp and 320trq at the wheels

    I'll bring it out, but it won't be till Fall till this thing is ready for the street.
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    Awesome Justin! That's gonna be fun, can't wait for a ride.
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    Sounds sweet! I always loved the look of the 2nd gen Supra.

    Since finding proper wheels is oging to be difficult, might I suggest a set of custom built CCW Classics? A set of 16" or 17" wheels with flat black centers and deep lips would look sharp on an old Supra.

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