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Thread: New Iranian Venezuelan Car

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    Default New Iranian Venezuelan Car

    I wonder if it will look anything like this?

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    Cool. I wonder how it handles on the twisties! Seems like the center of gravity is too high. I'll wait until Consumer Reports tests it for tipping over.
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    LoL...." lets go tractor Tip'n"
    Blah blah blah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiataMike View Post
    LoL...." lets go tractor Tip'n"
    Don't let Frank catch ya!
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    Has to be better than the Paykan

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    Default Check out the web site -

    I cut and pasted the name of the company listed in the prese release in the browser and actually looked at the cars. They are VERY nice, if you live in a 3rd world country and think that cool designs from Soviet era eastern car companies are cutting edge..... There is probably a big market for those cars...just not sure where that market is....

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